Oliv&sens, elected best French olive oil in the international competition 'Japan Olive Oil Prize 2022'

French olive oils multi-awarded at the Japan Olive Oil Prize 2022
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Our olive oils sublimate the dishes of great starred chefs!
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Oliv&sens olive oil in a sweet recipe by pastry chef Quentin Thévenard at the Imperial Palace in Annecy

exceptional French olive oils

Olive grower and Oleologist, I wanted to offer you through Oliv&sens a gourmet trip to olive lands with a range ofFrench olive oils and exceptional spreads.

  • Extra virgin olive oils with gold and silver medals – voted best French olive oil in the international olive oil competition in Japan (2022)

Oliv&sens is today four single-variety extra virgin olive oils, as well as one “matured olive” virgin olive oil. PProduced in the Gard, each one expresses, from green fruity to ripe fruity, passing through matured olives, all the aromatic expression of the varieties and soils. Right from the start, our four extra virgin olive oils and our 'matured olives' olive oil have conquered many starred chefs. Olive oils have been awarded by two gold medals and two silver medals at one of the most prestigious competitions in the world, the Japan International Olive Oil Competition (JOOP 2022), raising them to the rank of best olive oils.

Oliv&sens Négrette olive oil was also voted “BEST French olive oil” at the Japan International Olive Oil Competition (2022) *

  • Exceptional spreads

Oliv&sens is also a gourmet color chart of around twenty spreads and tapenades that are available throughout the seasons. From spring and summer vegetables to autumn mushrooms, ending with confits for the winter. Developed in a spirit of sharing recipes with friends and chefs, rich in raw materials, are cooked by hand no additives, colorings or preservatives to preserve the authentic flavors.

Extra virgin and virgin olive oils, spreads and tapenades are naturally part of an eco-responsible approach with fully recyclable containers and packaging.

The olive tree offers the best, Oliv&sens draws the quintessence from it.


Oliv&sens selected by the Chefs in 2023 member of the association Les tours des terroirs

Oliv&sens olive oil 100% France

Our monovarietal olive oils

Virgin olive oil

Virgin olive oil

Matured olives

Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Silver medal

Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Gold medal

Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Gold medal

Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Silver medal

Olives of irreproachable quality, picked at full maturity, fermented for four to eight days in anaerobic conditions, causing the olive oil to lose its ardor by breaking its vegetal notes. They give an oil with rounder aromas, longer very fruity, with little bitterness.

The olive oil "Olives matured" reveals aromas of black tapenade, black olives, prune, cocoa, vanilla, evoking for some THE traditional taste.

“Olives matured” olive oil is perfect for raw vegetables, marinades and bread. It goes wonderfully with Provençal recipes such as ratatouille and pistou soup...

The olive oil “Olives matured” has been selected to compete at the Epicures 2022 in Paris.

Silver medal at the “Japan Olive Oil Prize (2022)” competition

The Picholine variety, emblematic of Gard, owes its name to the Picholini brothers who invented, in the 18th century, a preparation allowing table olives to lose their bitterness. Smaller and more bitter fruits are picked later at the veraison stage (change from green to purple).

Big, fleshy, elongated and pointed, the Picholine is widely used in table olives.

Both in the nose and mouth, Picholine diffuses aromas of tomato, yellow plum and artichoke.

It is a fruity oil, smooth, round in the mouth, with a taste of artichoke, a hint of bitterness and ardence.

Picholine olive oil goes perfectly with cold fish, grilled vegetables, red meat, sauces and salads.

Gold medal and elected “Best olive oil from France in the world” at the “Japan Olive Oil Prize (2022)” competition.

Known since the 18th century and originating from the Gard region in France, this variety of small black olives is one of the earliest varieties.

In the nose, Négrette gives a golden and sweet oil with ripe fruitiness.

In the mouth, Négrette presents tones of hazelnuts or almonds,slightly liquorice and vanilla with a fine length in mouth and a slight peppery aftertaste.

This olive oil is ideal on salads, raw vegetables or steamed vegetables, as well as on fish and meat carpaccios. Négrette also goes well with goat cheese and bread.

Thanks to its aromas of vanilla and liquorice, Négrette goes well with strawberries, homemade whipped cream and vanilla ice cream!

Gold medal at the “Japan Olive Oil Prize (2022)” competition

This olive whose name Bouteillan means “whose fruits of which are arranged in clusters” native to the region Haut-Var in France.

On the nose, Bouteillan olive oil has citrus and lemon aromas. In the mouth, we find notes of green banana with a long peppery finish.

It is a fine, vegetable, herbaceous oil, bringing a great freshnesswith an impression of biting into cut grass.

Bouteillan olive oil goes well with raw vegetables, sautéed vegetables, pasta, potatoes, rice and fatty fish, as well as… chocolate!

Silver medal at the “Japan Olive Oil Prize (2022)” competition

Aglandau is the most widespread variety of olives in Southern France. Adapted to rocky and calcareous soils, Aglandau produces an oil that keeps remarkably well thanks to its high polyphenol content.

This low-yielding variety gives a typical fruity green, tonic and harmonious oil.

In the nose, Aglandau oil is very fragrant, balanced and fresh, marked by aromas offlowers, fresh aromatic herbs and citrus fruits. Long and expressive in mouth, Aglandau oil presents tones of artichokes or almonds and a pronounced peppery finish.

It is a very fine oil, fragrant, balanced, and fresh in the mouth.

Aglandau goes perfectly with salads, cold starters, vegetable soups, ready meals, poultry and cheese. It can also be used in pastries!